If there is a country where you wanted to travel for a long time, that is Israel.

There are many different reasons why you may be interested in traveling to a specific country or destination Umre fiyatları 2023 tour, and I think that Israel is an enclave that makes everyone curious… and many people also doubt.

In this initial reflection I want to put aside the political questions, although I will tell you that precisely to understand them better, I consider that the ideal is to travel to Israel.

For starters, the question that always comes first: Is it safe to travel to Israel?
Israel will not be Iceland, the safest country in the world, but I know dozens of places much more dangerous in terms of common crime (and terrorist attacks occur in many parts). In places like the Old City of Jerusalem or Hebron (the West Bank) there are often quite frequent conflicts and they break out quickly. I think almost all countries have their risks (being alive has many risks!), Some predictable and others not, but the difference is that in Israel I felt very protected as a visitor. It is best to be aware of the news and have your embassy’s contact handy. I know many people who as a rule deny the possibility of visiting Israel, and each one has his reasons, but understanding them, and in certain cases sharing them, I have always been open to knowing that country.

As it will be easy to suppose, religious tourism is, by far, the main reason for tourists who regularly travel to Israel to visit the Holy Land from numerous areas of the world. There are numerous tourist blogs like israel turismo in spanish or many other languages we can refer.

And also to have a broader vision, on the ground, of the long history of these desert lands in the Middle East, and of the successive conflicts that have taken (and continue to take place) in them.

What has been my first trip to Israel has focused on the visit of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, although I have also had the opportunity to know the imposing fortress of Masada, and to bathe in the waters of the Dead Sea.

From this first experience, next I will tell you some curiosities and I will give you some tips and recommendations for your trip to Israel, which will be enriched after subsequent trips.

What is the flight time to Israel
From the outset, there are many direct flights from many European cities like Madrid, France, Istanbul and Amsterdam which last about a few hours.

Sleeping in a good hostel costs $ 50 a night, in a room for four people. On Airbnb the options range from $ 35.40 per night in a private room in a private home (usually with a shared bathroom with the homeowner). I (Laura) opted for this accommodation and had a great experience, since my hostess helped me plan every detail of my trip, cooked for me and we had super interesting talks. I loved living with someone from the place.

To eat there are options for all tastes and budgets, but the most economical is to eat in the small Arab restaurants, which offer you, for example, a falafel sandwich in all its varieties for 25 shekels ($ 6.5), or a Hummus dish like the one in the photo -very satisfying- for 22. Another option is the markets, where you can buy olives, dates and other delicacies per kilo. The Mahane Yehuda in Jerusalem is a wonder!